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Kawasaki Ride On Toys

kawasaki ride on toys

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Day 113 - Wave Race 64

Day 113 - Wave Race 64

Day 113 - Wave Race 64

I was very tempted to make this entry "Wave Race (series)", but when I give it more thought, it really is Wave Race 64 that is the peak of this franchise....so far? [I'd love more]. Again though, as Wii Sports Golf perhaps diverted Nintendo off wanting to do another Mario Golf, I fear the Power Water Cruiser game in Wii Sports Resort has taken Nintnedo's attention off giving us fans a proper new instalment to the Wave Race series.

Technically "Wave Race" kicked off on the Nintendo Game Boy. I picked that game up around 1999 thinking it would be portable Wave Race 64, but instead it was more of a portable rendition of the 'on water' races you'd find in the Micro Machines games, although with less flair and no colour.

Wave Race 64 though was a breathtaking experience unlike anything I'd played before it. Firstly, it came out early in the Nintendo 64's lifespan, and at that time many of us were still very much vulnerable to being shocked (with awesomeness) at how amazing games could look in true 3D.

Whilst Wave Race 64 did look stunning at it's time, it didn't rely on it's pretty face to get by. Sure the fact it looked good could pull people over to the N64 kiosk set up in Toys R Us (or wherever you personally often saw one), but once you tried the game out you instantly felt the amazingly realistic water physics on hand, and actually felt like you were taming a real Jet Ski on the waves when playing the game.

In a sense Wave Race is the Gran Turismo of Jet Ski games (although Wave Race came first). What I mean by that is how Gran Turismo was meant to be a driving simulator, but paired with a racing concept. Wave Race feels like what a Jet Ski ride would feel like, but instead of just freely riding around, you're there to be the fastest most daring person holding on to a pair of wet handlebars.

Wave Race: Blue Storm on the Gamecube was a really great sequel that came and did more of the same just with updated visuals, and for that it was an amazing game that I've played through from start to finish at least twice in my life so far, however there just remain a lot more things that have stuck in my head (music and track layouts mostly) in Wave Race 64, which I guess in the long run tells me it's the 'Wave Race' game I have the most love for.

Aug 28 - New Arrival

Aug 28 - New Arrival

I finally ended my search for a new toy. A few months back I'd all but settled on a DR650 (2007ish to be exact). Compared to the DL1000, it is a "light and nimble" bike. Even up until last week, I was set on the DR. Then I started looking at the DR-Z 400 which got me to ask the question "what else is there?".
I didn't think I'd like a 250, even though that is my suggestion to all new riders, go with the smallest displacement while you are learning. I didn't think I'd like it until I tried one that is. I tried one last night, a 2009 KLX that looked so beat up that it could have passed for a '96.
This is an '06 KLX250S with 3,800 miles on the Odi. However, you'd swear it just came off the showroom floor. I tried my best to locate bikes in my search that were well maintained and garaged. I did a good job, save for the '09 I saw yesterday.
I was pretty torn between an '05 DR-Z with only 1,600 miles on it and in showroom condition and this KLX. Better judgement won out. I've never owned a dirtbike, so I am playing it safe.
It is a true Dual Sport, unlike my primary ride which is a Dual Sport in marketing classification only. This is the kind of bike that you can commute on (at least I can) and shoot down a few power lines on the way to work (or back home from work).
The V-Strom is going nowhere, selling or trading is not an option at this time. I will continue to ride it as my primary (it is a hell of a lot more comfier) but will take out my new 'mistress' from time to time to indulge in some other pleasures ;-)

kawasaki ride on toys

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