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A Plush Car

A Plush Car

This little car is heading over the ditch (no, not the sort of ditch that would cause a crash, the ditch between Australia and NZ).

Making this was supposed to be one of those mindless activities, you know the one where you do a search on google for 'free plush car pattern' or 'car softie tutorial' and then whip one up in a night....

Do you think I could find a pattern or tutorial for a car softie? No! Where are they all? Are they hiding? Is there a car softie site out there with really bad metadata that doesn't come up in a search engine? I mean, there must be a million stuffed cars out there, right? Have you seen any?

After a number of wasted internet hours I drafted my own pattern. Clearly it needs a whole lotta work but I do plan on developing it a little more, so if you or I haven't come across a car softie pattern or tutorial online by the time I've developed one, then I'll upload it to my blog. How does that sound?

DSC 7465

DSC 7465

AI Nikkor 50mm F1.2S test shot.
At F1.2, DOF is so shallow but, my son wanted it move,
to make matters worse, we were on the train.

cars toys blog

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